Living independently without the need for help feels good. But, what happens when you need just a little bit of help at home to stay safe and healthy? Sometimes it’s not so easy to ask or it may not be so easy for family & friends to help while also trying to balance their other responsibilities.

What if you could turn to someone for just a little bit of that extra help? It could mean that you don’t have to wait until a family member has time to stand by the door while you bathe. It could mean that you could write your own letters and cards (with our caregivers as your scribe) to surprise loved ones. It could mean that you have some extra help to clip coupons, get groceries, and make a favourite meal (instead of relying on a can soup, frozen dinners, or tea, and toast). It could mean having the help needed to maintain a clean, less cluttered home so that you can move about without falling. It could mean that your son or daughter will stop worrying about you when they live in another town, state, or country. This is why Nirvana centre for elder care is a solution.

Are you concerned about your elderly parents?


Are you unable to help them go about their daily lives because of your hectic work schedule and business ?

Do you live so far away from them now that despite your twice yearly visits they need more help than they did a year ago?

Has it become challenging for them to do everyday jobs on their own like doctor’s appointments, personal errands and household work?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need Nirvana Centre for Elder Care’s unique in-home services for the senior in Delhi NCR and outskirts. We provide all types of assistance to your elderly loved ones, that is completely flexible and customized to suit every family’s need.

With our help you can give them the care and attention they need to allow them to continue living in the comfort of their own homes.

We also provide emergency care, travel assistance, post-operative and rehabilitative care, physiotherapy and recreational tour for elderly. In addition, we provide regular visits by our staff physicians and top Geriatric specialists at their home.

Don’t need medical attention? Do you just need someone to check in on your parents and keep them company a few times a week, or help them set up their laptop for a Skype call with you and the grandkids? We can do that too.

We’ll also send you regular monthly reports so you can track their progress with us

Why Nirvana centre for Elder Care?

We are holistic elder care managers and understand the Psycho-social needs of elderly and their health condition to provide them customized home care plans with emergency assistance. Our home care team will visit your home and evaluate the clinical need and other support systems required for healthy and safe recovery. Our trained home care givers and nurses will strive to develop an emotional connect with the patient and the family members to ensure a healthy and happy recovery.